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Kelli Salone - Chief Dame

Age 46 and lives in Swindon

Plans: Race 4x, Downhill and Enduro, learn to jump again , and inspire woman to give it a go.

Aim: To kick ass.

Excited: I'm always excited.

20 years ago I raced all over the world, Downhill and Dual, I was also a dirt jumper and not many woman were jumping like me. After 10 years off my bike I decided to come back and start riding again. Dame cycling joined forces with Quidne-IT race team and with their help and support we have managed to really inspire woman to race and to help our team achieve their dreams.



Mel2sq.PNG Melanie Ann Nice

Age23 and lives in Cheltenham

Plans: Racing in- 4X, Downhill, and BMX; competing for 1 year.

Aim: To achieve Podium in as many 4X races as possible; plus learn and perfect jumping and manualing. I aim to finish the season on the podium, race in the Pro Tour, and take part in the Welsh Gravity Enduro

Bikes: ORANGE & HARO, plus loan of Kelli's Ride2love 4X bike.

Excited: to be part of Dame/Quidne-IT team and plan to fly the flag far and wide and make them and me proud of what I achieve. I am planning to make massive improvements this season in more than one discipline.



John Lord - honorary Dame Dude.

Age 41 and lives in Gloucester

Plans: Racing in, 4X, Downhill & XC - Veterans Class

Competing for: 4X 17years, DH 18years, XC 23years

Bikes: 4X - On-one 456evo Ti & Transition double, DH & trail: Orange Blood, XC: Vitus Sentier 290, BMX: Redline MX24, Road: Cross sportive.

I have been racing for Dame cycling/Quidne-IT for 3 years now, it's a great team and great sponsors; a real family that inspires others to try racing.



Katie Auld

Age: 40 and lives in the Forest of Dean

Returned to Riding in July 2015 and has been racing since Feb 2016

Plans: for this year are the Welsh Gravity Enduro Series, 'Ard Rock Enduro and Southern XC

Aim: to gain race experience and complete without crashing, and concentrate on improving fitness, skills and technical ability. Much is needed in each area!

Excited: to be in Dame/Quidne iT team as it is something I had dreamed of achieving since my early 20's. A serious cycling accident complicated by respiratory issues dashed my hopes, leaving me unable to cycle for many years. Now the dream has finally arrived, 20 years later. I just want to enjoy the next year with the Dame/Quidne IT team, enjoy the sponsorship and try and do everyone proud over this coming race season.



Maddy Salone Howel

Age 9 and lives in Swindon.

Plans: race BMX and Dual Slalom, plus try some other MTB disciplines. My first race for 2017 is Dual Slalom at Chicksands.

My first season racing BMX was 2016, and now I am looking foreward to the 2017 Summer Series at Bristol Patchway

Aim: to be as good as my Mum and then better.

Bike: Haro Mini BMX

Excited: I can't wait to get out there and get some trophies. I want to try as many disciplines as possible so I can find out what I am good at.



Helen Matravers

Age 45 and lives in Gloucestershire.

Races XC and team events, Open category 5.

Competing for 2years

Bikes: Orange and Canyon

I broke my neck a year ago on my bike but I'm back riding and this year will be trying racing again. I think I inspire people to keep going, keep looking forward and keep living life to the full.




Ami Grindley

Age 29

Races Downhill in the Master Female category

Has been competing for 4 years

Aim: In 2017 I will race in the Pearce cycles DH series and European DH race; and I hope to qualify for the world championship.

Plans: To work harder than last season on and off the bike, gain a higher overall British ranking, and try my hand at Enduro & 4X.

Greatest achievements in 2016 was to finished 2nd in the overall Pearce DH series

Excited: I'm looking forward to working with Dame Cycling/Quidne-IT, Kelli and the rest of the team to achieve all our goals for the coming season.